Bruce Willis was at Comic-Con Thursday, promoting his role in Sly Stallone's upcoming action flick The Expendables. When he was done with that, Mr. John McClane sauntered over to MTV where he dished on a few things -- the most impressive of which was a proposed fifth installment in theDie Hard series. Yippie ki yay.

Willis told MTV that "It's imminent. The coin is about to drop." The actor didn't offer much more than that, which is unusual since he's been pretty vocal in his demand that director Len Wiseman return to helm the next film for awhile now. The real question is, who can McClane fight this time around? No one's ever going to top Hans Gruber, but I could totally see McClane running around to thwart a terrorist attack by an Al Quaeda sleeper cell on US soil. That may seem a little cliche at this point, but it's not the story that really matters -- it's the idea of an iconic action hero like McClane stopping it that would put my butt in a theater seat on opening night.

Meanwhile, the actor took the time to discuss another project he'd like to be involved in, a sequel to M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable. "I think we'd have to hip-check Night [Shyamalan] into doing it," Willis said. I don't know about that, Bruce -- given Shyamalan's recent track record, a return to Unbreakable might be just the thing he needs. I'm sure there's someone out there who would fund it based on Willis' involvement too.

What do you think? I'm not so sold on an Unbreakable sequel -- I'd like the original to remain untarnished in my mind, but Die Hard 5 sounds fine by me. Hit the comments section and share your thoughts.