"Welcome to Sector 2814," says the booming voice of Mark Strong. "The guardians have chosen you for enlistment. But first you must be tested." There was little more than an undulating green orb on the screens of Comic-Con's Hall H, but the capacity crowd sat in rapt attention as the very first footage was screened of The Green Lantern, Martin Campbell's forthcoming big screen adaptation of the iconic comic book series.

The clip was only two or three minutes, and featured just slivers of what one can expect will be epic storytelling. But what was there was nonetheless modestly impressive: Ryan Reynolds plays Hal Jordan, a human initiated into the Green Lantern Corps by Sinestro (the aforementioned Mark Strong). After a montage of images featuring other Lanterns, including some odd (or to fans, oddly familiar) aliens, Jordan seems surprised to discover that he's wearing an emerald-colored ring which, during a scuffle in a vacant lot, manifests a gigantic green fist and lays out three adversaries at the same time. Meanwhile, we also get a few snapshots of other characters in the film, including Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammpnd, and Blake Lively as Carol Ferris.

Sadly, there were no shots of Reynolds in the suit, which has thus far received mixed reviews from fans after being revealed on the cover of a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly. (We're confident that as director Martin Campbell later explained, it's a work in progress and will later turn out beautifully, but we hoped that our current concerns had been more immediately allayed.) But the only real problem with the footage was that it was just plain too short, especially since we're extremely excited to see the finished film.

Stay tuned for more specific information from the Green Lantern panel on Cinematical, but in the meantime let us know what you think of the film – whether or not you were lucky enough to join us in Hall H to see the footage!