Kids can be cruel. They're often hesitant to allow outsiders into their group, resulting in the shunning of those poor unfortunate souls who simply want a friend to play with. There's no reason for it, but since we live in a horribly cruel world, it's a sad inevitability. As a result the child is forced to find an alternative method of mental stimulation. This could take the form of television, books, drugs or even....the undead?

Backed by the simple twang of a banjo, Snow-bo follows the story of a young boy with no friends. An attempt to join a group of young kids having a snowball fight turns into SHEER TERROR as they throw snowballs at him and drive him off. Kids these days. Downtrodden, our young protagonist comes across a new playmate, and things change for the better...or do they?

Seriously, this video is really cute while at the same time being kinda disturbing. Check it out below.

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