An amusing little conversation popped up on the twitter, and (of course) it centered around the nerd-tastic appearance of the entire Avengers team on the 2010 Comic-Con stage together. We still have the Thor and Captain America flicks to look forward to (which is good because The Avengers isn't due until 2012), but that means we'll have plenty of time to contemplate the previous permutations of this Marvel-ous squad.

In other words, here are the movies in which some of "The Avengers" have previously appeared together. (And please, nobody say "You forgot Iron Man 2!")

The Nanny Diaries (Captain America & Black Widow)
The Perfect Score (Captain America & Black Widow again!)
The Spirit (Nick Fury & Black Widow)
S.W.A.T. (Nick Fury & Hawkeye)
Zodiac (Iron Man & The Hulk)

Bonus Nerdy Picks

Angel {episode 1.11} (Hawkeye & Whedonman)
Buried (Deadpool, Green Lantern & Hannibal King)
The Assassination of Jesse James... (Hawkeye & Justin Hammer)
Cellular (Captain America & Abigail Whistler)
In Good Company (Black Widow & Agent Coulson)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Iron Man & old Batman)
Lakeview Terrace (Nick Fury / Frozone / Shaft & Nite Owl II)
Lords of Dogtown (Hawkeye & The Joker)
Not Another Teen Movie (Captain America / Johnny Storm / & Jimmy Olson)
O Brother Where Art Thou? (Elastigirl & Samuel Sterns)
Ocean's 11 (War Machine, Jason Bourne, Venom and the old goofy Batman with nipples)
The Prestige (Wolverine vs. Batman!)
Shutter Island (Hulk and Rorshach)
Star Trek (Thor and old Hulk)
Wonder Boys (Iron Man and old Spider-Man)

I'm sure there are more out there. Who'd I miss? Feel free to break out all the X-Men if you like! (Note: "bonus nerdy picks" must contain at least one (1) Marvel character. Otherwise it's totally cheating.)