During Sony's panel for The Other Guys, Adam McKay dropped a nice bomb of a confirmation -- he finally signed (as of that day, too) to direct Garth Ennis' The Boys.

McKay has been in talks for the project all summer, and was still stressing the nebulous nature of that while doing press this month for Guys. He recently told CHUD that the decision would be definitive if he could get Simon Pegg to sign on as the book's lead, Wee Hughie. Ennis based Hughie on Pegg, and it's a given that he should play him. As of July 20, McKay and Pegg hadn't even entered in talks.

But it is ComicCon, and Pegg and McKay are both here ... did talks take place? McKay left no doubt that "the deal" for his directorial skills was made at ComicCon. If McKay has signed on, does that mean we'll have the ultimate example of dream casting ever? One can only hope. You can't exactly find another Simon Pegg, can you?

Don't be surprised if the next wave of ComicCon news -- and the Paul roundtables will probably be happening as you read this -- bring news of Pegg being officially on board for The Boys. Is it possible we'll actually get a Garth Ennis movie in our lifetime?