The lines. The crowds. The crazy stabbing in Hall H! Con-goers had to deal with a lot just to make it to Saturday's delayed Marvel panel for Captain America and Thor, but they were rewarded handsomely for their patience with an epic presentation of gods and superheroes -- followed by the single biggest collective geek-out moment of Comic-Con 2010.

Yes, the Avengers pwned the competition.

The restless denizens of Hall H couldn't have been more ready to consume what Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige cooked up, beginning with a sparse, if effective, presentation of Joe Johnston's Captain America movie with Johnston, Chris Evans, and Hugo Weaving in attendance.

A brief -- and I mean, really brief -- teaser reel set the tone for the highly anticipated 2011 tentpole: A slow scan of Cap's familiar red, white, and blue shield layered over WWII newsreel footage, leading up to a reveal of Chris Evans in his Captain America costume. "Next summer, meet the world's first Avenger," the screen read, before the trailer ended with a first person view of Evans hurling Cap's shield at the camera.