When faced with Paul Bettany, I had but one question: "You've been doing a lot of these religious themed movies -- " "You mean two?"

"In media and Internet terms, I think that equals 200," I teased. He laughed. "Are there some personal demons you're trying to work out with the church?"

"No. No, I have no personal demons -- well, I have personal demons but they're not with the church. There happen to be a lot of these sorts of movies around, you know? Religiously themed movies, and vampire movies are often religious themed. Although I think vampirism is an awesome alternative to Christianity as a way to survive death!" (Afterwards, I realized it's four -- The DaVinci Code, Legion, Creation, and Priest. Draw your own conclusions!)

Priest is the first Tokyo Pop book to be made into a movie, which is something I'm embarrassed to say I didn't realize until the panel itself. Min-Woo Hyung visited the set, loved it, and gave it his blessing. He was even inspired enough to write a prequel comic. (Which I received and is currently being mangled in my backpack. Sorry!) The Western elements have been played down in favor of sci-fi, and Priest takes place about 20 years after the events of Min-Woo's final book. The war between the vampires and priests have ended, the priests (and priestesses) are now akin to Vietnam veterans who are unwanted and unloved.