Scene from RockyWe've all got our favourite movie heroes, right? Those poor lost souls that, against all odds, fight against adversity to reach the top of their game. But how do you think they got there? Learnt their lethal skills from a book? Downloaded a How To Be A Hero app on their iPhone? Not on your nelly, these heroes needed guidance at some point in their lives. And a strong music montage too.

And so we pay homage to the unsung heroes of the movies - the personal trainers. Those unassuming people who, even in a pink cardigan (see pic above), were able to whip our rough and ready heroes-to-be into shape and prepare them for the last scenes of the film and/or all the subsequent sequels.

So let's stop messing about and reveal to you now our ten favourite movie personal trainers ever. Sure some of them look a bit funny but, hey, they all have one thing in common - they could turn Bob the Builder into a blood-thirsty, kick-ass, killing machine if they wanted to.

Now get on the floor and give me twenty push-ups...
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