The winner of last week's Trailer Park poll is unsurprisingly the really terrific first full spot for The Social Network, which was also my favorite trailer of that week. Ben Affleck's The Town was the closest competition, with readers agreeing it looks "awesome."

Another trailer for another Ben Affleck movie debuted this week, but even though it also looks pretty great I didn't include it in this roundup because I've decided to focus solely on the teasers and trailers coming out of Comic-Con. Or many of them, anyway (there seem to be a ton). That means I've also left out new spots for Woody Allen's latest, John Madden's latest and one for my favorite documentary of the year, Last Train Home. Perhaps I'll be able to revisit these next week.

You won't find any bootlegged footage or clips from panels, so no Green Lantern. Instead I chart some exciting and ridiculous new ads featuring Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage, Jeff Bridges x 2, a nude Eva Mendes and (unfortunately?) a surprise appearance from Rebecca Pidgeon. If you don't know who she is, you've never a David Mamet film.

Check out this week's trailer round-up chart and vote in the poll after the jump.