Linda HamiltonThere are a lot of news tidbits coming out of the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. One of them is that the role of Chuck and Ellie's mother (a figure only seen in shadow at the conclusion of this past season) has been cast as a recurring character for the fourth season. She will be played by the original Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton.

It's a terrific choice. She wasn't even on my list of five possibilities and I'm still beating myself up for her exclusion, particularly since she fulfills my three requirements: older, sexy and having geek cred.

Of course, the writers now have to deal with the herculean task of explaining how a terrific woman like Linda Hamilton who could probably kill you with her pinky could fall for a nebbishy guy like Scott Bakula (despite it mirroring the Chuck/Sarah relationship). I'm sure they'll think of something.

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