While most fans think of Foxy Brown when Pam Grier's name is mentioned, I've always preferred her earlier collaboration with director Jack Hill -- the blaxploitation classic, Coffy. This isn't to say that I don't love Foxy Brown to death, but for my money, Coffy's just a little better in all the key areas save for over-the-top violence. You really can't go wrong with either flick, of course, but if you're only experience with Grier's cinema is catching her in Tarantino's Jackie Brown, then you really owe it to yourself to see the film that made her the queen of blaxploitation cinema.

Grier plays the title character in the film, a nurse by day who turns into an avenging angel after dark. Coffy's waging a one-woman war against drug pushers, crooked cops, and mobsters after her 11-year-old sister shoots up some tainted heroin, and like her male counterparts she's willing to get her hands dirty to make the bad guys pay. Grier is fantastic in the role because unlike a lot of female actresses, she's actually willing to do stunts, fight, and really sell the physical aspects of the role. She's totally believable as she dukes it out with the pushers and pimps who cross her path. Plus, she accessorizes well -- just check out her sawed off shotgun and polka-dot dress ensemble in the film's opening. That's hot.