That first image of Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern costume didn't go over too well online, and many of us were surprised that Warner Bros. didn't give us a peek at Reynolds in costume during our brief glimpse of footage at the film's panel in Hall H (read our coverage of that panel). While The Green Lantern footage definitely looked cool, folks criticized Warners for not showing it twice and not screening it in 3D. But maybe it can stand back up and dust itself off after releasing these four new character posters, giving us a tiny look at Peter Sarsgaard as Dr. Hector Hammond and Mark Strong as Sinestro.

As far as what we did actually get to see at Comic Con, here's Todd's description of the footage: "The clip was only two or three minutes, and featured just slivers of what one can expect will be epic storytelling. But what was there was nonetheless modestly impressive: Ryan Reynolds plays Hal Jordan, a human initiated into the Green Lantern Corps by Sinestro (the aforementioned Mark Strong). After a montage of images featuring other Lanterns, including some odd (or to fans, oddly familiar) aliens, Jordan seems surprised to discover that he's wearing an emerald-colored ring which, during a scuffle in a vacant lot, manifests a gigantic green fist and lays out three adversaries at the same time. Meanwhile, we also get a few snapshots of other characters in the film, including Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammpnd, and Blake Lively as Carol Ferris."

Check out all four posters in the gallery below. Are you satisfied with what you've been seeing so far on Green Lantern, or does Warners have to step it up a bit and show us more, more, more?