Just when I thought Michael Moore had lost my interest forever (see my recent thoughts on Capitalism: A Love Story), he makes an announcement that hits directly at my movie theater-loving heart. On the eve of this year's Traverse City Film Festival, which Moore founded, he's announced plans to use a tax credit received from his latest film to aid in the revitalization or sustenance of old and run down movie houses in Michigan. Moore has already helped in the reopening of Traverse City's State Theatre, and now he's looking to promote the nonprofit cinema model, which he says will "bring in some jobs, pump money into the local economy."

Some grant money may go to functioning movie theaters but only if they become nonprofit businesses. There's also the potential for new theaters to go up where there are none, under the same status. So far he's looking at Flint, Davison and Manistee. In the next year he hopes to donate to a dozen cinemas, and any future credits he receives from future films he makes in Michigan will go to the project for more locations. Apparently both of Capitalism's distributors, Overture Films and Paramount, support the program. And of course it fits the point of the film to put any profit into the community.

The Traverse Film Festival runs from July 27 through August 1.
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