Oliver StoneOliver Stone was promoting his documentary, South of the Border, in yesterday's UK newspaper The Sunday Times when it seems the "excitable" director went off on a rather interesting tangent. (This article is, as far as we can tell, behind a pay wall on the website; the text was graciously sent to Scott Weinberg by one Charlotte Cook. Yay Twitter.) Stone careens from topic to topic, describing an experience in Vietnam, explaining why he complimented a reporter from The Independent on her red bra, and researching Scarface.

Reporter Camilla Long does a good job of keeping up with Stone's seemingly manic rants and letting the director hang himself with his own words. Not that the outspoken Stone gives a sh*t, as the director and his works practically court controversy with at least one group or another. JFK's conspiracy theory pissed off historians; Natural Born Killers allegedly inspired several copycats; and W. angered Bush supporters.
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