Comic-con may be over for another year, but we're still sorting through everything that was announced at the show and bringing you all the horror-related goodness we can find.

One thing that got lost in the shuffle was the announcement of two new Dead Spacetie-ins during the "Building a Horror Entertainment Franchise: Dead Space 2" panel. Dead Space -- if you're not a gamer -- is a popular survival horror game set in outer space published by Electronic Arts. The first title sold well enough to spawn a sequel, and in a nice bit of cross promotion, also had its very own animated movie spinoff.

The sequel looks to continue that trend with another film -- Dead Space: Aftermath -- and a new graphic novel, Dead Space: Salvage. Both of these titles are designed to expand the game's universe away from the main storyline.

Aftermath "centers on the Aegis VII disaster and explores how the Government sends an unwitting crew of people to get exposed to Marker shards. The Government is secretly trying to produce a viable "Marker blueprint" carrier, no matter the costs." Salvage, meanwhile, follows a group of deep space miners who discover the wreckage of the USG Ishimura and re-awaken the Necromorphs onboard.

Starz will once again develop the Dead Space animated feature -- along with Film Roman -- and the feature will be available for purchase in January of next year. IDW will publish Salvage, which is slated for a December 2010 bow. The title everyone's really waiting for, Dead Space 2, lands on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on January 28th.
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