San Diego Comic-Con may have, once, long ago, been about getting comics professionals (e.g., writers, artists, publishers, etc.) and their fans together every year, but that changed with the resurgence of the superhero genre more than ten years ago (if not earlier). While coverage focuses primarily on comics-to-film (e.g., Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Thor: The Mighty Avenger, CaptainAmerica: The First Avenger,The Avengers, and Green Lantern), the news that piqued my interest the most came not out of the major studio panels, but from a smaller, indie panel that revealed a new project from prolific comic book writer Grant Morrison.

In a writing career well into its third decade, Grant Morrison has worked for both Marvel Comics (a.k.a. the "House of Ideas") and DC Comics (a.k.a. the "Distinguished Competition"). Although he's probably best known for the Arkham Asylum graphic novel (illustrated by Dave McKean), Morrison has worked on everything from Marvel's Fantastic Four and a controversial run on X-Men later undone by Marvel's editors and subsequent writers, to DC's Animal Man, Doom Patrol, JLA (Justice League of America), 52, Final Crisis, All-Star Superman with Frank Quitely (a must-read for fans of the Silver Age Superman), Batman, and Batman and Robin. Morrison has overseen Bruce Wayne's apparent demise, a "Battle for the Cowl" (with Dick Grayson, the original Robin, temporarily taking the cowl), and Wayne's still-ongoing return to the Batman universe. Morrison has been tapped to write a new Batman spin-off, Batman, Inc.. Morrison has also written standalone mini-series for DC not set in DC's shared superhero universe (e.g., The Invisibles, TheFilth, We3).
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