No two people experience Comic-con in quite the same way (well, maybe those question-whoring Hall H twins do) - there's just too much to do, see, smell, and wait for. Of the experiences and impressions I had this weekend that might mean anything to the public at large, these are the ten that - at some miserable point 35,000 ft. over Kentucky on the redeye tonight - are going to help me remember why I keep coming back.

10. Daft Punk.

The Tron: Legacy footage was an exciting, if measured tease (with an odd gait), but one bit of both the reel and the eventual film about which I have absolutely no reservations is the score by Daft Punk. The samples from the panel were astounding, and when we got a glimpse of those French electro wizards DJ-ing the games in their white jumpsuits, I had to catch my nerdy whimper like a young O-ren Ishii. Had the Daft Punk pyramid then risen through the Hall H stage my entire body would have gone all sorts of spastic, and without an ounce of concern that it was 10 A.M. on a Thursday morning.