photo credit: Wilson Morales

This year's Masters of the Web panel was framed as an "Expression of the subjectivity of film - a look at the diversity, expression, and perspectives" through which the medium is funneled to the masses by some of the Internet's most respected voices on the subject. Moderated by Transformers 2 scribe Roberto Orci and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World director Edgar Wright, the spirited conversation that went down in ballroom 32b Thursday afternoon was practically pornographic for any voracious film nerds who get excited by the sight of bylines in the flesh.

It was easy catnip for the handful of people out there who want to know what CHUD's Devin Faraci's face looks like while he's listening to Screen Rant's Vic Holtreman (spoiler alert: slightly pained yet impressively zen), but methinks that the discussion produced some insights that would have been of interest to a substantially wider audience, and anyone with even a passing curiosity for this industry might have gleaned a tidbit or two as to how criticism functions in a world where the voices are fragmented across global networks of information and opinion.

Beyond Faraci and Holtreman, the panel was rounded out by Cinematical's very own Erik Davis and Jen Yamato,'s Ed Douglas, Joblo's Mike Sampson, and Latino Review's George "El Guapo" Roush. And Roberto Orci was quick to remind us all that every one of them despised his Transformers 2, going so far as to quote Faraci's particularly scathing review.