I don't know where you guys stand on Primer. I wanted to like it. I really did. Sundance liked it enough to award it the Grand Jury Prize in 2004. Made for under $10,000, the labyrinthine time travel story was a Cinderella success story. I was infuriated. To me, it seemed like an exercise in confusing the audience. I'm all for presenting a puzzle for your viewers to piece together, but intentionally dense obfuscation just makes me want to punch the movie in its face. In spite of all that, I respected it. And then it's wunderkind creator, Shane Carruth, vanished.

For years, there were whispers on various message boards about his new project. Carruth was secretive and had completely disappeared from the scene. Now, some six years later, we're starting to get some vague tidbits on his next project, 'A Topiary'.
While I'm a little wary to use a blogspot link as a source, The Playlist does have the most detailed description of the story I've found thus far. Essentially, some kids in a small town find a strange box they call a 'Maker'. It produces little discs they in turn use to build semi-sentient, mechanical beings. Weird.

Last month, the website went live, but there's really not much to it. I'm intrigued. Hopefully all the secrecy isn't masking some muddled, overly-ambitious sophomore slump. Yes, that's more than a bit cynical on my part, but after kicking ass at Sundance, did it really take this long to get made?

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