God bless Lucio Fulci. That Italian madman was marching to the beat of his own drum. I don't know anything about the guy aside from his films, but it seems to me that in terms of story, acting, and just making a lick of sense, Fulci didn't give a damn. I've seen most of his horror stuff and I've watched his gruesome Gates of Hell pseudo-trilogy enough times to get me put on some sort of watch list, I'm sure. In spite of repeated viewings of City of the Living Dead, I'm still not sure I know for certain just what is going on. That's not because the plot is dense or particularly high minded. It's mostly just a showcase for Fulci and his effects team to make you cover your eyes in horror. If you watch the following clip and don't at least grimace, there's something wrong with you. It's got it all! And by 'all' I mean gut-puking and brain-squeezing.

The story is about the gates of hell opening up in a small town. Super-zombies spew forth, wreaking havoc. While the protagonists try to close the gate, all manner of inexplicable gore-gasms erupt on the screen. Don't try to make sense of it. Just watch it on an empty stomach. If you're really malicious, show it to some friends who don't particularly like horror. Make 'em squirm a bit. Check out this legendary scene just past the break.
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