Uh oh, this really isn't very good news for the British film industry. It's just been announced by Jeremy Hunt, the government's culture secretary, that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport are shutting down the UK Film Council.

The UKFC was set up ten years ago to help the development and promotion of British cinema. Using Lottery funding, it has helped many first-time directors and more established names broaden the scope of British film with its New Cinema Fund and Development Fund, plus created all sorts of educational training for those wanting to get involved in the industry.

Oscar winning directors Jane Campion and Andrea Arnold, artist Sam Taylor-Wood and satirist Armando Iannucci, as well as countless first-time and short film directors, are just some of the talent who have benefited from the UKFC's involvement.

Unfortunately, that is all about to change, as confirmed by a statement made this afternoon on the DCMS's website:

"Many of these bodies were set up a considerable length of time ago, and times and demands have changed. In the light of the current financial situation, and as part of our drive to increase openness and efficiency across Whitehall, it is the right time to look again at the role, size and scope of these organisations."
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