Probably the biggest Hall H moment at Comic Con this year came when, during the Marvel panel on Saturday night, Kevin Feige turned the microphone over to Samuel L. Jackson to begin introducing the full cast for The Avengers. Halfway through Jackson turned it over to Robert Downey Jr., and that's when this place really lost it. Afterwards, I heard stories about kids crying in the back and shaking uncontrollably as the entire cast stood there on stage -- hit head on with the realization that, yes, Marvel is going to make an Avengers movie ... and OMG THAT IS F**KING AWESOME!

While this moment was definitely a fun one to watch, a lot of people are still cautiously optimistic when it comes to The Avengers. Will there be too many cooks in the kitchen? Will there be too many characters to go around? Is this film destined to be criticized and ridiculed? It's weird, because I don't think there's any middle ground when it comes to The Avengers. This is a film so big, so massive and so buzzed-about that it will either turn out to be one of the greatest superhero films of all time, or one of the biggest mistakes of all time. Obviously we're all hoping for the former -- and we'll begin to get a better feel for this monster as more and more is released from Thor and Captain America -- but Marvel definitely needs to be careful considering the criticisms lobbed toward films with multiple heroes and villains as of late. Should be a fun one to watch come together.

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