One movie we've got our eye on here at Horror Squad is Gareth Edwards' Monsters. We've been following it not only because it looks cool and we love monster movies, but because Edwards shot the thing with a tiny crew and did all the editing and special effects work on his laptop. Monsters could very well be this year's Paranormal Activity -- a micro-budgeted DIY project that takes the movie world by storm.

The film focuses on a reporter charged with escorting a woman through the "infected zone" -- an area in Mexico that extends north to the American border. The zone has been quarantined because it was the site of a NASA probe's crash landing -- and said probe brought back alien lifeforms with it that have now infested the area. US and Mexican military forces are working to keep the extra terrestrials contained in this area, but it's not a spot where you'd want to take your summer vacation.

Even if it doesn't rake in the truckloads of cash PA did, I think you'll agree that this new trailer for the film (courtesy of IGN) looks pretty damn awesome. You don't get to see any of the titular creatures (which is a good thing...), but you can certainly tell that this isn't some cheap looking home movie project, either. I'm genuinely impressed with what Edwards accomplished with little money and a skeleton crew.

Don't just take my word for it, though. Skip past the jump and view the new trailer for yourself.
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