I'm a huge fan of Ouija boards. Once I saw Witchboard as a kid, I wanted one, demons be damned. Maybe it was because of Tawny Kitaen, but for a few years of my youth, I was fascinated. Now, of course, I recognize the movements of the planchette as the ideomotor effect. There's a reason the thing only moves if someones touching it! Of course, there are those who fear the spirit boards enough to forbid them from entering their house. I do, but not because they might invite evil spirits. I don't want them in my house because they're stupid. If I'm going to summon dark forces from beyond, I have to believe that it will involve some sort of blood sacrifice. Maybe some pentagrams and a goat. A piece of cardboard made by Parker Brothers is not going to put me in any sort of spiritual jeopardy. Why don't I just use a Candyland board? Wouldn't that be just as effective?

This latest Web Scare won't serve to dissuade anyone. It's a simple little trick, really, but it's effective with its 'caught on tape' look. And who knew they had Ouija boards in Hebrew? Check it out past the break. It's good for a little shiver up your spine.

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