Last week we saw a gory, new poster for Matt Reeves' vampire flick remake, Let Me In. Today, yet another image comes forth -- this time reminiscent of the original film's snowy Stockholm setting.

A lonely, bloody snow angel is the highlight of Hammer Films' new poster (see it large in the gallery below). Let Me In follows the Swedish film's storyline -- a young boy develops a friendship with a vampire, Abby (Chloe Moretz), in a small suburb of New Mexico.

Comic-Con attendees had the opportunity to see more of the film last week. The new "American" trailer still showers us with images mirroring the original film, but gives a better sense of what Reeves has done to make this one his own. Fans of Let the Right One In can start to relax a little -- at least until the film hits theaters October 1. Hit the gallery and check out the trailer after the jump.

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