Get LowBill Murray started his career as a comedian, both as a cast member on NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' and as star of such comedies as 'Meatballs,' 'Caddyshack,' 'Stripes' and 'Ghostbusters.'

But the actor has a serious side, as well, and has shown it off most notably in movies like 'The Razor's Edge' and 'Lost in Translation.' In fact, even his comedic roles had bite and a certain pathos to them: Just remember his character Phil Connors in 'Groundhog Day,' who had us laughing even as we felt his frustration at being trapped in the same, mindless day, over and over again.

In the new indie 'Get Low' (in theaters July 30), Murray plays a character well suited to both his comedic and dramatic talents: funeral home director Frank Quinn, who's called into action when ornery hermit Felix Bush (Robert Duvall) wants to plan his own funeral party -- while he's still alive.

In town for the Tribeca Film Festival this past April, Murray shared his thoughts on regret, Hunter S. Thompson's funeral, his favorite New York City movie (it rhymes with 'Mostbusters'), and all those rumors about 'Ghostbusters 3' -- all before giving us a demonstration on Egoscue, his new stretching/exercise regimen of choice. But that's a story for another day.
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