Millennium fan site Back to Frank Black is hosting a competition that should have Lance Henriksen and Millennium devotees (is there any in between with this show?) excited. The boys at BTFB are asking readers to play psychic and imagine that the Millennium feature film they've been pushing for is being made. What poster would you design for this movie? Entries are being judged by Frank Black himself -- Lance Henriksen.

The competition requirements are pretty easy, so if you have an ounce of talent, a big imagination, and love the show Millennium -- get involved. If you're like me and can paint, but your graphic design skills are ridiculously bad enter anyway. BTFB is encouraging all forms of media including drawings, paintings, and other original works of art. Henriksen is an artist (potter) with a unique eye, so bring your game on this one, and beware: all naked portraits of Lance will get you a serious ass kicking.

So let these guys know what you envision for Millennium's future. The contest closes on August 29 -- you have plenty of time to break out the crayons. An exclusive prize will be announced shortly. Head to Back to Frank Black for the full contest details.
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