Cinematical has received the exclusive poster for Ben Wheatley's directorial debut, Down Terrace. It's a terrific black comedy about a family of criminals trying to figure out who sent the recently released Bill and Karl (played by real-life father and son Robert and Robin Hill) off to jail in the first place.

As I wrote in my Fantastic Fest review: "The gentle comedy of short fuses morphs into the gallows humor of sudden outbursts, as hitman pals bring their toddlers along for the job and our family begins to run out of shower curtains in which to wrap up all these loose ends of theirs. From there is where things grow much more personal, and it's at this point that the film reveals the true power of its plainness -- as the laughs subside, we've grown very much immersed in who these people are and what they're bound to do to one another."

Magnolia Pictures will release Down Terrace through their Magnet arm on October 8th. You can check out the full poster below.