Nick CaveThis is the kind of news that makes me do a double take and exclaim, "The who to the what, now?" Esteemed singer, songwriter, poet, novelist, and fancy mustache-haver Nick Cave has reportedly taken over scriptwriting duties for the reboot of The Crow, according to Apparently, the script from director Stephen Norrington wasn't as "terrific" as producer Ed Pressman originally enthused, so Nick Cave was brought on board.

Nick Cave has two novels under his belt, And the Ass Saw the Angel... and The Death of Bunny Munro, and a slew of rumors buzzing around him about other screenwriting projects, from an adaptation of The Death of Bunny Munro, to a motion-capture film of The Threepenny Opera with Andy Serkis. This latest tidbit, however, has been confirmed to by Pressman himself.

Just as I was one of those people bemoaning the reboot of The Crow, I'm also a huge -- huge -- fan of Nick Cave. His Southern Gothic style (think Flannery O'Connor and not just, you know, eyeliner abuse) would translate really well to a tale like this -- sorrowful but still full of fire and brimstone and good, old-fashioned, Old Testament-style revenge.
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