It's widely held that much of the inspiration for HP Lovecraft's wackiness are the night terrors that plagued him while he slept. Well, that and unhinged racism, but I digress. . . The well from which many of his inexplicably bizarre ideas crawled forth is evident, as he doesn't hesitate to incorporate them into his stories. And besides, could something like Shub niggurath spawn from anything other than a nightmare? I've watched Videodrome while chewing Ambien and my dreams that night were downright boring when compared to something like At the Mountains of Madness.

Cthulu Films has taken the phantasmal genesis of these creations and illustrated them in a crudely drawn, but hypnotic short, 'A Lovecraft Dream'. It's got a very distinctive style and fans of the author's work will have fun picking out all of the monsters of the Mythos. As is often the case with extrapolations of Lovecraft's work, the creator has chosen to insert Lovecraft himself as a character in his own horrors.

Lots of other unearthly animated tales abound on their website. It's definitely worth checking out for both fans of the legendary author and folks just looking for a weird bit of ephemera to get them through the workday. Take a gander at it just past the break.

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