Watching a filmmaker grow up is an exciting thing. It's not a matter of managing missteps or chronicling their commercial appeal, its seeing how they absorb both their failures and successes and apply them to their future work. Zack Snyder launched his directing career with one of the most auspicious debuts of the last decade – a high-octane, hugely entertaining remake of George Romero's Dawn of the Dead – and has since matured into a remarkably sophisticated purveyor of thrills, while managing to maintain a comfortable foothold in the mainstream. And after two iconic adaptations of equally iconic comic book series (300 and Watchmen), Snyder has created his own fantasy world with Sucker Punch, an original project that combines the iconography of his earlier films along with a whole host of other influences to form something epic, sprawling, and most of all unique.

Following the first screening of footage from the film at Comic-Con's storied Hall H last Saturday (watch the trailer here), Cinematical sat down with Snyder and his producer (and wife) Deborah Snyder for a discussion about the evolution of his career. In addition to revealing a few details about the foundations of Sucker Punch, he offered insights into his creative process, and commented on the ongoing collaboration he enjoys with Warner Brothers in order to continue conceiving these spectacular new worlds.