Right now, Ain't It Cool News is filtering questions for actor/writer/director/Rambo Sylvester Stallone -- a tradition they've kept up like clockwork since Stallone chose the format to help gain fan support for Rocky Balboa. Fans are given a chance to ask the star anything, and he answers frankly, and not in a way that seems blatantly self-serving. Stallone really does seem to love his fans.

One fan, "Ben", posed a question about the horror genre, and why we've never seen Stallone face off against zombies, vampires, or werewolves. Stallone answered by expressing his desire to direct a horror film, as a challenge to his own filmmaking skill set, and then things got a little surprising, "The best of all worlds would be throwing The Expendables in that macabre mix. I know people are saying 'That's crazy.' Well, so is the concept of birth, but it happens on a daily basis. To me, everything's been done and it's a matter of how you reinterpret styles and concepts to make them fresh, original, unexpected."

I don't know if that's Stallone's cutesy way of trying to work The Expendables into his answer somehow, or if he's seriously considering the idea of pitting himself, Jet Li, Jason Statham, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and the rest against an army of horror movie monsters. If he's serious, I have one word for Sylvester Stallone: YES.
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