Terror Awaits... in the MURKY MISTS of OUTER SPACE!

Assignment Outer Space
(1960) was prolific Italian director Antonio Margheriti's second film. The film involves a group of astronauts and a reporter who head into space to prevent a derelict space station from destroying the earth, and is largely regarded as being a dull, plodding mess.

For example Monster Hunter says "Technically deficient on every level, devoid of talent at every turn, the most shocking aspect of Assignment: Outer Space is that as it was Antonio Margheriti's second directorial effort, that he ever had a third one." Fantastic Movie Musings likewise notes that "I'm a little surprised at how cheap the special effects seem to be; frankly, I think the Rocky Jones movies have better effects, and at least one effect (in which a burning and clearly earthbound car is used to substitute for an explosion in outer space) may win the award for the most desperately bad special effect I've seen." And Million Monkey Theater suggests "I have never seen a sci-fi movie that flat out BORED ME TO DEATH like 1960's Assignment: Outer Space, a lame Italian 'technological thriller' from cult director Anthony Margheriti. The faults of this movie are legion: sleepwalking actors, comic book dialogue, K-Mart clearance sale spaceships, inept directing, and a murky plot full of gaping holes just to name a few."

Of course, not everyone thinks this film is a drag. DVD Drive-In (a site whose reviews I usually find to be reliable) discusses the film in a very positive light, and goes so far as to call Assignment Outer Space "definitely one of the wildest Italian space operas."

Click through for the film's poster (which I think we can all agree is pretty amazing) and trailer.

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