Warner Bros. has put a substantial number of its eggs in Ben Affleck's basket, attaching the trailer for The Town to Inception and thus ensuring that millions of people will not only see it but see it twice. Repeat viewings of the Town trailer are not nearly as rewarding as repeat viewings of Inception, though. (Watch the wedding ring!) For while at first it seems like a perfectly good trailer for a perfectly good movie -- a movie that has just been announced as the opening-night gala for the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival -- further examination brings out some red flags. Let us consider. (The trailer is posted after the jump, if you want to catch up.)

That title. Ugh, never mind. We'll get nowhere with this. The novel it's based on is called Prince of Thieves, which probably sounded too Robin Hood-y, or maybe it made people think of Prince of Tides, so of course they had to change it. Why they had to change it to the most generic title imaginable, I don't know. Naturally, a gritty, suspenseful crime drama deserves the dullest possible name. "How about The Location?" "Nah, too evocative. What about The Place Where Things Occur?" But like I said, never mind. Movies are supposed to have bad titles now. It's just how things are. Forget it, Jake. It's The Town.