As Montreal indie band Arcade Fire prepares for their big August 5th concert at Madison Square Garden, they've decided to let fans who don't live in NYC see the show as well. Everyone will be able to check out the complete concert via live stream at

That's interesting news if you're a fan, but this isn't a music site. What ties it back in to Cinematical territory is news that the band has hired noted director and Monty Python member Terry Gilliam to direct the webcast. Gilliam, best known for Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen will bring his unique visual style to the concert -- something that should get even film fans who aren't Arcade Fire lovers to check out the event.

What might Gilliam -- known for his love of surreal images and wild camera angles -- bring to the show? No one knows at this point. I suspect it will be something unique and interesting that sets this concert apart from all the others we've seen while highlighting the band without upstaging them in the process.

What do you think? Does Gilliam's involvement make you curious enough to check out the show just to see what he comes up with? Hit the comments section and chime in.
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