Comic-Con may be over, but when you cram so many news stories and events all into the span of a few days, invariably some things don't get covered right away. Things like James Gunn's latest, Super -- another in a recent spate of films about ordinary people becoming superheroes. Normally, news of yet another superhero flick would leave me unfazed, but James Gunn is an interesting dude and the talent he's assembled for this project has my fangirl sense tingling.

Rainn Wilson plays the lead role -- a man named Frank D'Arbo. Frank is just an average Joe, but he transforms himself into The Crimson Bolt when his wife falls under the influence of a local drug dealer. Naturally, Frank doesn't have any super powers, but he is armed with the urge to make the world a better place.

With a cast that includes Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Michael Rooker, Nathan Fillion and Kevin Bacon (all working for minimum wage, basically), Super certainly isn't lacking for star power and should appeal to a wide audience.

Gunn showed off footage of the film during a Comic-Con panel and early buzz has been positive. Unfortunately, Gunn posts on his blog that he won't be releasing that footage to the masses for quite some time, but to tide you over, he did unveil the first photo of Wilson as his alter ego -- The Crimson Bolt. You gotta love the padded crotch guard ...

Check out some of the panel footage after the jump and then sound off with your thoughts on Super in the comments section. See The Crimson Bolt in all his glory below.