While at Comic Con, I heard some buzz about Josh Hutcherson'sSpider-Man audition tape; how it existed, how another movie website had it in their possession, and how it was pretty badass. Back when all the Spider-Man casting rumors were going around, a lot of people wrote Josh Hutcherson off because he was too much of a pretty boy for the role. Sure, he seemed to possess the right amount of All-American, dude-next-door appeal, but he was just too good looking for a young high school version of Peter Parker.

But now the kid's audition tape has leaked online, and though they kinda turned him into an after-school-special sort of nerd, I did like the fight choreography (Latino Review claims Larnell Stovall from Undisputed 3 was the one behind the fight sequence). I'm not positive if Sony and Spider-Man director Marc Webb were the ones who put this together, or if this was done independently in order to show the studio what it'd look like with Hutcherson in the role, but I could see why they didn't go with him.

In my opinion, Andrew Garfield is not only a much better actor than Hutcherson, but he also lends a bit more realism to his roles. Sure, this is just an audition tape, and it's a tad bit corny with lines like, "Looks like your dream girl is sweet on Parker, bro," (please tell us they're not reading from the real script), but while it may prove Hutcherson had the chops for the role, it re-confirms (to me at least) that they ultimately went with the right Peter Parker.

Check out the audition after the jump (courtesy of the guys from LR) and let us know what you think.