Is it weird that I have a love-hate relationship with Comic Con even though I've never been there? Yeah. I guess it is. Every year, I stomp around proclaiming how Comic Con sounds like a lot of waiting in line and being surrounded by smelly people and generally being miserable for a very long weekend. I also always talk about how irked I am that I'm not there.

Although Warner Bros.' Green Lantern presentation received mixed notices, it seems the panel redeemed itself with a moment that will surely make even the most cynical curmudgeon muster up a smile. During the Q&A, a young kid in a Green Lantern shirt stepped up to the mic and asked Ryan Reynolds what it's like to recite the Green Lantern oath. Then...well, you should watch it yourself after the jump, but if anything, this is further proof that Reynolds' charisma can truly get him anywhere, whether it's Scarlett Johansson's pants or a little kid's heart.
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