Hunger directed by Steven Hentges 2010

Not content to let the Horrorfest and Ghosthouse Underground people have all the fun (and make all the money...) by releasing horror movies that couldn't get distribution, Fangoria and Lightning Media have now joined the fray. The two companies have joined forces to bring horror-hounds an all new line-up of under-the-rader horror flicks under their brand new Fangoria Frightfest banner. The initial batch of releases includes eight new horror films that you've never seen prior to now.

First up on the docket is Steven Hentges' film Hunger. A selection at the Austin and Hollywood Film Festivals, this psychological horror flick evokes memories of Wan and Whannel's original Saw. Five strangers, including Lori Heuring and Linden Ashby, wake up to find themselves trapped inside a subterranean chamber with no idea who's put them there or why. As time passes, they come to realize that they're part of an "experiment" being run by their unseen assailant – one that involves seeing how long they can hold on to their humanity in the face of potential starvation. Will the five people work together to escape the diabolical trap or will hunger drive each one to fend for themselves while breaking one of mankind's most deeply entrenched taboos?

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