Darth Vader apronFor the Sith Lord in all of us, the Star Wars shop has now made available yet another way for George Lucas to sell out his space opera. The Darth Vader apron can now be used around the kitchen or barbecue for cooking with the Force.

I'm quite confident that if Gordon Ramsay was a Sith Lord (and that still hasn't been disproven), he'd be wearing this bad boy. Perhaps all the cooks on the Death Star took to wearing this apron (or maybe the Slave Leia apron. Yes, that apron would make more sense for the peons).

One can hardly make the accusation that the franchise is selling out at this stage. It's been selling out for decades. Hell, it was 'Star Wars' that started the whole action figure phenomenon (or at least made it mainstream). An apron is simply another step down the ladder that has no bottom in sight.
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