- Why wouldn't Chewbacca fight Nazis while riding a squirrel?

- This is just a friendly PSA that if your mobile phone of choice runs on Android, IMDb's official app is now available for download from the marketplace.

- Wondering why the Hunter S. Thompson biopic Rum Diary, staring Johnny Depp, is still without a release date? Co-star Aaron Eckhart tells FSR that it probably has to do with the fact that the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean means that star Depp just simply doesn't have the time to properly promote the film on the press circuit. That being the case, we'll likely have to wait until 2011 to see the film.

- Director Joseph Kosinski's name has been attached to a few post-Tron: Legacy projects, but it looks like if he has his way, he'll be directing an adaptation of his own graphic novel, Oblivion, next. Kosinksi and Barry Levine (head of the novels' publisher) will be pitching the sci-fi story about a wasteland-wandering soldier in the future to Disney first, with a number of studios to follow should they say no.
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