Annnnnd we're back! I hope you've all had a chance to check out the awesome British serial killer flick Peeping Tom. I was a bit late posting the film for this weekend, so I've waited a little longer than usual to do the discussion post. Hopefully giving you guys some extra time led to a few more of you discovering this awesome film.

As I mentioned before, director Michael Powell's fascinating film had the misfortune of being released in 1960, the same year Alfred Hitchock released Psycho. Peeping Tom was certainly overshadowed by Hitchcock's work. In fact, Peeping Tom stirred up quite a controversy in it's native Britain. After requiring many cuts from the BBFC in order to secure release, the film was met with critical disdain, the backlash of which basically killed Powell's directing career. It's unbelievably disheartening that such an obviously talented director was railroaded for a film that was fantastic and in no way deserving of the drubbing it received. In fact, the film has gone on to find it's place as one of the great British films. It's an absolute shame that the cinematic world was robbed of future Powell films because he decided to make a dark, edgy film that was, in many ways, ahead of its time. It's just sad to see that kind of ambition rewarded with unwarranted criticism.
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