Well this just smarts. Plants vs. Zombies, the way-too-addicting tower defense game available on the PC, iPhone (and soon the Xbox 360), will soon be undergoing an unfortunate change: Michael Jackson is being removed from all versions of the game. The reason is pretty obvious - The Estate of Michael Jackson got wind of the design of the "dancing zombie" in PopCap Games' brilliant time waster and were none too happy about its resemblance to the King of Pop. The game developer probably could have put up a legal struggle and defended that the "dancing zombie" is such a minor part of the game, a game which in itself is pretty nonsensical, that it wasn't capitalizing unjustly on Jackson's likeness, but it looks like they couldn't be bothered to deal with it in a court of law.

So instead they're simply going to be rolling out updates to all the platforms that Plants vs. Zombies is currently on and replacing the Jackson zombie with a generic disco dancer. It really has no bearing on the actual gameplay, and I don't blame PopCap for not wanting to get into a legal scuffle, but it is a bit of a bummer to see the thrilling let guy go.
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