InceptionBy now, a lot of people have seen 'Inception' -- not once, but twice (or even three times). It's certainly the most talked-about movie of the summer ... and so we decided to talk about it.

Maddened by the ending? Confused by some of the various twists and turns? Wondering if you missed any tiny clues -- or made too much out of others? Are you, in a word, obsessed?

Well, we at the Moviefone Movie Club can't promise you any answers, but we do our best to offer up our own theories as well as those we've heard from others. And beyond all those questions ... what is 'Inception' actually about? Does it resonate emotionally? Is it, in fact, a great movie?

Join us and watch the video as we discuss these issues and more, and then weigh in with your own theories and opinions in the comments section.

WARNING: This video contains major spoilers. Do not watch it if you don't want to be spoiled.
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A thief (Leonardo DiCaprio) steals people's secrets from their subconscious while they dream. Read More