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I've always found it comforting to know that some of my favorite rock stars are also huge nerds. The knowledge that the chain-wallet-sporting headbangers from Judas Priest and Megadeth dig sci-fi movies and horror imagery makes me feel like I could hang with the bands if I ever made it backstage to one of their concerts.

How do I know that these guys are just as obsessive about sci-fi and horror as I am? Just check out their album covers. They're loaded with spaceships, robots, futuristic landscapes and riffs on B movie posters and comic book covers. Check 'em out: Blastr has compiled 57 sci-fi and fantasy-themed album covers for your time-wasting pleasure.

Don't worry Top 40 fans; the isn't a "metal albums only" list. Fans of pop and classic rock will be happy to learn that Ringo Starr, Christina Aguilera and Aerosmith are prone to letting their inner geek take over their album art decisions.
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