Geeks and movies have a long, colorful history. Movie geeks can recite their favorite movie word-for-word, own the bootleg three-hour director's cut, and have the rare, out-of-print Japanese version of the movie poster framed proudly on the wall. The most popular heroes in movies today are unabashed geeks themselves, from the book-wormish Peter Parker to fake ID-toting McLovin. And we wouldn't be getting big-screen comic book, sci-fi, and 70s mashups on screen if it wasn't for the geeks behind the camera, like Quentin Tarantino, Edgar Wright, and Steven Spielberg.

Geeks have come a long way from being shunned like circus freaks and picked on in high school. Now geekdom is a badge of honor worn by the hardcore lovers of pop culture.

On Wednesday, August 18, AOL and BlackBerry present the first-ever Geek Awards. Featuring a surprise host, celebrity guests, and a special musical performance, the ceremony will celebrate the super-fans of culture -- be they on the screen or off. In addition to honoring a movie geek of the year, we'll present awards for music, fashion, and pop culture.

The show happens live at 8PM from the Conga Room in Los Angeles, CA. You can watch a live stream of the pre-show at 7PM, on PopEater.
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