Tom Cruise'Top Gear' has done something that no other show in the history of television has been able to accomplish: It made celebrity interviews interesting.

Stars don't go to 'Top Gear' to plug their latest movie or second series that's barely hanging by a thread. They are there to compete. They are there to crush their fellow celebrities in a high-fueled, high-octane competition of mortal combat. They are there to dominate one another in a purely non-sexual way (for once).

Things can, however, get a little heated on the track and we're not just talking about the weather. More than a few "Stars in a Reasonably Priced Car" have almost rolled the car while doing their power lap. But Tom Cruise wins the award for the scariest moment on "Top Gear" since the boys dared to test the razor thin sense of humor of the residents of Bagdad, Ala.
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