Remember a few weeks ago when everyone was excitedly speculating on who would be the new Spider-Man after the series announced it was going to 'reboot' itself?

Eventually the part went to American/British actor, Andrew Garfield, but for a while American actor, Josh Hutcherson - best known for his role in Journey to the Centre of the Earth and soon to be seen in the upcoming Red Dawn remake - was a contender. And now Latino Review has leaked his audition tape, you can kind of see why.

With a cast of several and put together by professional fight choreographer, Larnell Stovall, Hutcherson shows that he can handle action as well as anybody with a short, and very professional looking, fight scene. Chris Weitz singing for Mamma Mia this is not. The audition is a short piece showing Hutcherson as bespectacled Peter Parker being bullied in front of Mary Jane before losing his rag and beating the crap out of several high school kids. Not the greatest role model but still, pretty impressive.

Watch the brilliant Spider-Man audition video after the jump...
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