We all know by now that Andrew Garfield will by Peter Parker-ing it up in Marc Webb's upcoming Spider-Man reboot (insert contractually required growling/muttering about how unnecessary this is), but surely you remember how many names were thrown around concerning the part. Pretty boy? In decent shape? Under 30? Not Tobey Maguire? Yep, you were probably considered for the new Spider-Man!

Latino Review got a hold of Josh "Journey to the Center of the Earth" Hutcherson's audition tape, which showcases Peter Parker taking down a quartet of school bullies in a manner most extreme.

I don't know how much of this tape was dictated by the studio and how much was created by Hutcherson's people, but it's actually pretty funny just how much the choreography looks and feels like Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies. Heck, they've even stolen the "close-up on hand as it drops glasses and squeezes into a fist" from Spider-Man 2! Using Danny Elfman's score from the original films doesn't help, either.
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