Zac Efron in 'Charlie St. Cloud'I am now the envy of every woman under the age of twenty that I know. Well, only because I got a chance to chat with the adorable Zac Efron for his new film 'Charlie St. Cloud.' Joining him was Charlie Tahan, who plays Zac's brother Sam and Amanda Crew who plays his love,Tess.

In the film, Charlie is off to college on a sailing scholarship when his little brother is killed in a car crash. Charlie leaves the funeral only to find Sam's ghost waiting for him. He gives up everything to keep his promise to never leave his brother again. But his sad existence working in a graveyard is tested when he meets former classmate and sailing champ,Tess. Charlie must decide whether to keep his promise to Sam or start living again.

Zac and Charlie talked about sailing lessons and how his instructor tossed Zac in the drink. And Amanda gave us a look at working with Zac, sailing and playing her character. She's a lucky girl, that Amanda. And she's just too nice to hate, even though she got to kiss Zac. Seriously, watch the video and try to be mad at her. Check out the video after the jump.

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